Nerd Privacy Policy

At Nerd we strongly believe in data privacy and are personal advocates
for the right to privacy.
We are not just saying that in a typical company way either, as we share your same privacy concerns
for our own personal lives too. After all, we all grew up with and use tech platforms
in our personal time as well, when we're not designing or building your next favourite game.
Privacy is important, and companies should always be responsible to protect their users and each other.

So because of this, Nerd does not track, collect or upload any data that personally identifies an individual
(such as a name, email address or billing information), or other data which can be reasonably linked to such information.
What Nerd does track and collect, is anonymised data.

We do this to know what is happening in our apps, to identify performance improvements, to identify general user behaviour
and for solving technical problems. If we didn't do this, we would have no idea
how our apps are performing once they are released to a wide audience.
Because it's anonymised, we don't see any of your personal information.
We don't even want or need it to make our games. So we just choose not to collect it.
Where applicable, before commencing play, the user consents to its user data being recorded
and used by us in the way described in this privacy policy.
The user's data is needed for actual technical usage and for our games to be improved.

If you send us an email, that email will remain in our inbox in order for us to keep a history of your communications with us.
We do not send or use that email for anything else. It just sits there, in our inbox.
We do this so that we can remember who you are if you ever contact us again, so that we can be of better assistance to you.
If you would like us to delete that email along with your email address, just email us asking to do so and we will do it,
including the email you use to make the request.
Please note that when we do this, we will no longer have any history of communications with you,
so any queries you make afterwards will be new to us and it will be like starting over.
We'll try our best to remember issues by memory though!

Nerd uses third party services to serve advertisements within our apps.
Because Nerd games are free to play, we display in-game advertising by third parties to generate revenue.
That's how we can afford to make the games free.
We don't really like ads though, to be honest they don't look great on our games and we would prefer that you paid for the game,
so we offer an in-app purchase in all of our games to remove and turn off all ads.
We see ads as a fair exchange for allowing the app to be downloaded for free,
until you decide if you like the game enough to buy it and support our game studio by doing so.
We prefer that model as it allows you to try before you buy.

As we have to use ads to generate revenue for a free download,
and in order to make the advertisements at least useful to you by displaying relevant advertising
(also known as interest based advertising) and in order to measure the performance
of those ads, we have implemented several SDK's within the game
which collect and transfer that non-sensitive device information. This information can include:

• The advertisement you have viewed and if you have engaged with it
• Device make and manufacturer
• Operating System
• Generic geographic location, such as the city you are located in
• Carrier
• Language settings
• IP Address
• Android Advertising identifier or Apple Identifier for Advertisers

We require our third party services to collect this data anonymously, in order to fit with our own values on privacy of data,
and that they comply fully thanks to GDPR privacy law.
These third parties utilise the data collected to track and examine the advertisements served in our apps,
They use the data collected to contextualise and personalise the ads on their own advertising network.

Nerd also uses google analytics to improve our apps.
Google Analytics is a service provided by Google. Google utilises the data collected to track
and examine the use of our apps, to prepare reports on its activities, which also get shared
with other Google services. Again, we have set everything we use with google analytics
to be anonymous. You can find Google's privacy policy here

Nerd is not responsible for the actions of third party people or companies, the content of their sites,
the use of information you provide to them, or any products or services they may offer.
Any link to those sites does not constitute our sponsorship of, or affiliation with, those people or companies.

All of our third party partners have privacy policy's and opt out measures in place and can be found below.

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Follow the steps outlined on
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Navigate to the Google settings App, select Ads
and then choose to reset your Android Ad ID or opt-out of personalized ads.

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